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... to Prime Time Financial - independent financial advisor in Fleet, Hampshire!

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You can find information and articles on personal finance subjects on the left, and some pointers to how we might help in our role as financial adviser, investment adviser, or pension adviser in the menu on the right. And see Peter Lawrence's blog below for views on current topics.


Our Blog - Money at the Speed of Life

  • How (and Why) to Avoid Probate
    Probate is the process of sorting out someone's assets when they die - their estate. In some cases their executors need a "Grant of Probate" before they can pass on...
  • How to Take Income from Investments
    Broadly speaking there are two reasons to invest money: to grow your capital or to take an income. The second of those is the more tricky one, with various...
  • I don't want anything risky
    I'm always interested in articles about investment risk, since it is such an important part of getting investment choices right. Risk and return go together (at least that's what the...