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How we Charge for our Services

There are a number of different types of financial advice that you might ask us for. Our charging structure reflects the fact that you are paying for a range of professional services, rather than only buying a product. So our charges are based on fees agreed up front since we believe this is the fairest way.

We will always agree with you up-front and in writing how we will charge you for our services, and the rate that we will charge.

As well as depending on the service we provide, the way we charge will depend on whether you are a member of our "Red Rose Club". But as an example, if you were to ask us to advise on investing a sum of money and were a Red Rose Club member:

  • Advice and Arrangement fee: 2.5% of sum advised on, plus
  • Annual fee: 0.5% of annual valuation - to cover review of your investment

The standard fees for the above (for non-Red Rose Club members) would be - Advice/Arrangement: 3%, and Annual: 1%. Fees are negotiable for larger sums.

In other cases we would charge a fixed project fee - for example to review your retirement plans, make recommendations, and implement any changes that may be necessary.