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Financial Life Planning

The real benefits of financial advice are only obtained by looking at the big picture. And that's what Financial Life Planning is about.

We firmly believe our motto, that "there is more to life than money". So our preferred starting point with our clients is to ask you about the life you want to live! And because many of us don't have those answers readily available we are glad to be able to spend some time with you - as a couple where appropriate - to help uncover what is really important to you.

The approach we take to that was created by the Kinder Institute of Life Planning, and has been well proven over several years and with many clients (look up Peter Lawrence at

It may well take several meetings (and a bit of homework) before you are comfortable that we have reached the point that we can create a financial plan. But we can then do that for you, safe in the knowledge that it is fully aligned with what is most important to you in life.

It also gets around one of the problems which many people find when considering a discussion with a financial adviser - they don't even know what questions they should be asking!

Although the plan will not necessarily mean that financial products are required, its implementation could make use of our LifeMAP approach. This includes various tools - such as a Lifetime Cashflow Modeller - which, in a simple way, document your current situation, your objectives, and the plan for reaching them.

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