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Savings and Investments form the foundation of personal finances. But beyond some basic savings to cover the rainy day, there are many options.

What is best will vary from person to person. It will depend on factors like:

  • How long are you willing to invest for?
  • What is your attitude to Risk and Reward? - higher rewards can come with higher risk
  • What is your tax situation? Are tax allowances being fully used?
  • Do you need to take an income from your investment? Does that income need to be consistent and regular?
  • Are there any investment locations or types to avoid?
  • Do you need to consider Inheritance Tax mitigation such as putting the investment in trust?

We can help you address all of these questions, within the context of your overall financial circumstances. We have access to professional research tools which will help us to research the market on your behalf if a particular type of investment is indicated.

Contact us to enquire about investment advice...