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Our Seminars

A bit of knowledge can be a big help in getting the most out of your finances. From time to time we run seminars on various topics relevant to those in "the second half of life" which aim to cover things in a straightforward way for the non-expert.Seminar photo

Sometimes these are run as online "webinars". And we are always willing to consider running a session for a particular organisation.

Here are some examples of our topics - scroll down or click on a seminar title for more details. Let us know if you would like to hear about future dates.

Managing Your Finances in Uncertain Times

If you have money invested, whether in shares, packaged investments, a “money purchase” pension, etc., then you may be wondering how best to manage those investments in the current economic situation - in fact, you may have considered selling the lot and putting it under the mattress! This seminar tells you how you could approach your investments, making sure that they reflect your attitude to risk, and showing you the benefits of diversifying. It is aimed at the non-expert who feels that they are relatively cautious in their outlook.

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Pensions - Towards Retirement

Some of our biggest financial decisions are taken around the time of retirement. Since they can affect our finances for the rest of our lives it’s worth getting them right! This seminar is aimed at those who are within sight of retirement - perhaps 55-plus - or who have already partially retired but still have some decisions to make, and will be useful whether or not you have pension plans already. It will address questions like: “Can I improve my income in retirement?”; “What are my options for receiving an income?” ; “How much will I get anyway?”.

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Finances in Retirement

A different approach to managing your finances is needed once you are retired. You are probably looking at a reduced income, and if you have savings or investments then you may need to know the best way to take an income from them. Other options may need to be considered like Equity Release, or funding for long term care. Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning is likely to come into the picture as well. Overall, it’s about striking a balance between over-spending and running out of money, or under-spending and not taking advantage of the time available.

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Inheritance Tax - Beating the System

Inheritance Tax remains an issue for many people. This seminar will cover various issues related to “Estate Planning” - in other words making sure your assets go where you choose on your death. In some cases setting up a Trust will be the right approach, perhaps to hold some investments, while in other cases a knowledge of the various allowances available will be all that is needed. And of course a Will is the necessary starting point for many.

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